Rangamalai Organic Farms is an fully integrated self sustainable organic farm located in the foot hills of Rangamalai, Vellayampatti, Aravakurichi Taluk, Karur, Tamil Nadu, India.

We are an agricultural producer company involved in cultivation and production of poison free good quality food which includes native varieties of pulses, millet, fruits, oil crops, traditional paddy varieties, native varieties of vegetables and organic seeds. We sell all our farm produce and value added products through our registered brand name “Manvasanai” meaning the smell of earth.   

Our Vision

To bring back the ecological balance and lead a self-sufficient and self-sustainable farming & living.

Our Goal

“Practice Indigenous Natural farming methods and best practices to produce Good Quality Food.”

“Bridge Farmers directly to consumers establishing a Win – Win State.”

“Provide Good Food to all at affordable Cost.”

“Cultivate only Heirloom Crops & Vegetables. No Hybrids & No GMO Seeds”

Our Journey | Our Initiatives & Services 

What media tell about us? 

Our work is well acknowledged and recognized in media, ICAR-KVK, international conferences and tech talks


Farmer’s Market – Good Food Affordable to All

As a farmer, we sell all our quality organic farm produce and the value added products through our registered brand name “Manvasanai” in this e-commerce platform directly to consumers.

All the our products are grown and cultivated from our organic farms grown using natural farming methods. Our products are 100% natural, well known for their great taste and natural aroma. We use only organic manure and herbal pest repellent sourced from our native cattle at our farm.

All our products are free from harmful chemical fertilizers, pesticides, additives and preservatives.