Our Initiatives & Services

Weekend Farming 

We spend most of our weekends in our organic farm.. These 2 days, we get away from city traffic, noise, pollution, smartphones, whatsapp, internet..etc and spend time for ourselves with nature. During the weekends, we do farming, raise desi vegetable and orchard garden, harvest fresh fruits n vegetable,  enjoy and live in harmony with nature. This helps us beat stress, calms mind and body, recharges us to handle the busy week ahead. We also welcome friends and like minded people to visit our farm during the weekends and spend a quality time together.


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Indian Native Cattle &  Backyard Poultry Farm

Initiative to raise a cattle farm with some of the Indian native cattle breeds like Kangeyam, Umbalamcherry, Allambaadi, Bargur etc.. Without these cattles any agricultural farm is incomplete.. Raising these breeds to promote A2 milk products and prepare organic manures and pest repellent.

We also raise few indigenous Indian chicken breeds in our backyard poultry farm.. Breeds include Turkey,  Asil (Fighter cock) and Kadaknath (Black meat chicken)  Kadaknath Chicken – Black meat chicken is entirely black including skin, eyes, blood and its meat is blackish red. Highly nutritious than other normal chicken and got medicinal value.


 Community Seed Bank & Nursery for Native Seeds (No Hybrids / No GMO)

An initiative to collect, propagate and exchange indigenous and rare native varieties of vegetable & crop varieties of India. Our vision is to restore and popularize our vast diversified heirloom varieties of vegetables and crops among Indian farmers and home gardners. We started raising this nursery from some the indigenous native seeds collected from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. We collected close to 180 rare and indigenous vegetable seed varieties in a very short span of time. We would like to thank local farmers and other like minded friends who helped us in our seed collection journey which has just began.

In January 2017, we started our first of the kind organic plant nursery to promote and propagate native vegetable saplings to farmers. We raise saplings of native varieties of Brinjal, Tomato, Red Chilli and Okra and sell it to farmers to increase the production of native vegetables in the market. Through this initiative every farmer would regain their lost seed sovereignty.


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Community Seed Bank for Heirloom Seeds – Natural Green Building 

This proposed Community Seed Bank project is constructed with 100% natural building materials which is locally available to preserve and propagate native (Heirloom) seeds of India. we would be using our traditional indigenous techniques and methods to preserve these seeds. Through this project we would like to propagate our native seeds to farmers and home gardeners.  Create awareness about native seeds, rich biodiversity of India and about breathable green buildings to students, farmers and consumers.
Thanks to Thannal Hand Sculpted Homes, Thiruvanamalai for en-lighting us with the knowledge on natural cob buildings.

 Organic Fertilizers & Pest Repellent

We prepare and use our own organic Manure and Pest repellent prepared from the raw materials from our Cattles/Poultry & farm residues. These organic manures and pest repellent promotes the plant growth and protects it from pests and diseases.  It gives us a great natural tastes to our harvested produce.

We make organic manures like Panchagavya – Organic Manure,  Pest Repellant,  Fish Amino Acid – Natural Growth Promoter,  Egg Amino Acid – Natural growth promoter. We create awareness, promote and propagate these manures among the local farming community.



An Initiative to raise orchard n timber forest within our farm. Planted close to 1000 trees in 2 acres land with micro drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation for intercrops.. Orchard Trees – amla, acid lime, orange, pink gauva, pomegranate, mango, cocunut 70 different tree species including timber, medicinal & orchards Timber trees – Malai vembhu, silver oak, teak, kumil, Peenaari, Neem etc.

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Heirloom crop varieties

We grow only Indian indigenous crop varieties and strictly no to Hybrids and Genetically modified crops. We are working hard to bring back our millets and traditional rice varieties back to our staple daily diet.

Micro Irrigation & Farm Automation

 We combine our Indian traditional farming best practices and some of the latest agricultural technologies such micro irrigation and farm automation to efficiently manage irrigation and combat the expensive labor issues.

We train and provide consultation to the farmers about micro irrigation and farm mechanization & automation, which is the need of the hour.


Organic Farming Internship program

The intention of this internship program is to achieve win-win state for both farmers and the interns/Volunteers.

During the internship program, the interns stay with us at the farm, learn, practice, document and help us with our day to day farm activities.

This one month internship would give them detailed insight and field experiences on:
*** Understand farming as a Way of Life. ***
*** Managing a fully integrated organic farm. ***
*** Organic natural farming techniques and best practices. ***
*** Organic manure, Fertilizer and pest repellent preparation. ***
*** Seed collection, segregation, classification and storage. ***
*** Value addition of products, packaging and direct marketing as farmers. ***


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