100% Pure Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, 500ML

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NOTE: Due to huge customer demand we ran out of stock. Coconut production is affected at our farm due to last year drought. We are expecting the next batch of coconut oil only in Aug 2018. Thank you all for your valuable support


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100% Pure cold pressed coconut oil extracted from our first quality sun dried fresh organically grown coconut meat harvested from our coconut farm.
Sulphur Free, Free from harmful chemicals, No additives and No artificial preservative.

“There is a misconception that coconut oil is not good for the heart because it contains large quantities of saturated fats. But this is far from the truth. Coconut oil contains about 50% Lauric acid, which actively prevents various problems that affect the heart, such as high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.”

How is our Coconut oil different from other refined coconut oils?
• Our copra’s are cold pressed (in wooden Rotary) in which the oil is not heated (heated less than 45 Degree Celsius) during oil extraction, so the nutritional value is retained.
• Our Copra is Sulfur free, it’s completely sun-dried. Sulfur being a poison is mixed with the copra as anti-fungal agent. Government/Private Agencies doesn’t accept Sulfur free copra’s.
• No addictive and adulterants added during the oil extraction. Additives such as sugar, cardamom and adulterant like mineral oil are added to the oil.
• Once the oil is extracted, we allow the oil in silver vessel in sunlight for a week for the sediments to settle and get a clear and pure oil.
• All the coconuts used for oil extraction are sourced from our organic farm.


100% Pure Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, 500ML


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