Handmade Cold Processed Natural Soap – Turmeric & Mahua

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This cold processed handmade natural soap is made from the fresh turmeric extract and cold pressed Coconut, Mahua oil and castor oil

NOTE: All our hand made cold processed soaps are free from preservatives and chemical cleansers.

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Health Benefits of Turmeric & Mahua Soap:

  • Mahua and castor oil are the excellent skin conditioner and heals most of the skin diseases.
  • Fresh turmeric extract act as natural disinfectant.
  • Coconut oil act as natural cleansers.
  • Vetiver essential oil gives the soap a earthy aroma and soothing effect to body.

Soap Ingredients:

  • Cold Pressed organically grown Coconut, Castor & Mahua Oil,
  • Fresh Turmeric extract
  • Vetiver Essential oil
  • Lye
Handmade Cold Processed Natural Soap – Turmeric & Mahua